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Dr. Inbal Yahav co-chairs 10th Annual Symposium on Statistical Challenges in eCommerce Research (SCE

The 10th Annual Symposium on Statistical Challenges in eCommerce Research (SCECR) was held in Tel Aviv, Israel on June 12-13, 2014 and was organized by Gal Oerstreicher-Singer and Tomer Geva from Tel Aviv University, Inbal Yahav-Shenberger from Bar Ilan University, and Galit Shmueli now at NTHU in Taiwan. With many high-quality submissions, the two-day program included 14 sessions and had two parallel tracks. Attendees presented work on current empirical research topics in IS and related fields with an emphasis on statistical issues and challenges. The symposium brought together over 50 attendees, with 34 paper presentations and 8 poster presentations. Presenters came from around the globe: Europe, Asia, and North America, and included academic faculty, post-docs, PhD students and industry professionals. Research topics were diverse, bringing together researchers in IS, Marketing, Machine Learning and Statistics. The session titles reflect this diversity: Online Markets, Love and Hate, Social TV and Social Media, Labor Markets, Online Communities, Healthcare, Social Influence, Mobile and Telecom, Experiments and Field Studies, and methodological sessions on Text Mining, Machine Learning and Statistical Methods, and Big Data Analysis. Extended abstracts can be found on We had a fantastic hands-on tutorial on Text Mining by Prof. Shawndra Hill from Wharton.

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