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The Social Intelligence Lab joins EU COST Action for European Medicines Shortages Research Network

To advance the Social Intelligence Lab research agenda for Emergency Response Communities, Prof. David Schwartz has joined as Israel's representative for EU COST Action CA15105. As described in the Action website, "The problems created by supply shortages of medicines have been widely reported by healthcare professionals and patients over recent years, and acknowledged at the European level by the European Medicines Agency and European Commission. The cited causes are multifaceted ranging from production disruptions, natural disasters, discontinuations as well as difficulties created by various legal, trade and pricing frameworks. Healthcare professionals require access to reliable and up-to-date information about the unavailability of a medicine in order that they can treat the patient in the best way possible. The significant patient impact because of the lack of medication, in terms of safety and management of their condition, will be researched. This Action will encourage systematic sharing of information and research about past, ongoing and future shortages of medicines‚ The Action aims to respond to clinical, financial and quality of life interests, to achieve analytical clarity on disruption causes, to highlight restrictive legal and economic frameworks, to disclose disincentives in the supply chain and to reflect on best coping practices."

More information can be found here:

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