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SocMed Paper Accepted by International Workshop on Issues and Challenges in Social Computing

Title: Towards Chronic Emergency Response Communities for Anaphylaxis

Authors: David G. Schwartz, Abdelouahab Bellou, Luis Garcia-Castrillo, Antonella Muraro, Nikolaos G. Papadopoulos

Abstract: Smartphones and location-based social networking technologies present an opportunity to re-engineer certain aspects of emergency medical response. Life-saving prescription medication extended in an emergency by one individual to another occurs on a micro level, anecdotally documented. Anaphylaxis in particular, with a combination of stable prescriptions, narrow medical regimens, and high availability, presents a common basis for community formation. In the context of introducing a system for chronic emergency response communities we present an ecosystem that has the potential to change key aspects of emergency response for certain chronic conditions.

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